Eskom's Education Programme  aims to educate school children about the value of electricity and the important role it plays in bringing so much comfort into the home.
Furthermore, it aims to bring awareness to the fact that 'flicking a switch" is so quick and easy one almost never considers the hugely positive impact electricity has on our daily lives...   
It equips homes with the facilities to cook, clean and wash.  Lights rooms at night.  Warms us in winter and cools us in summer. Allows us to study and learn from our computers. Watch our favourite shows on television. Or play our favourite games on the consoles of our choice. 
A multitude of daily things gets done by using electricity. We don't always appreciate the list of applications and comforts that are possible because someone has worked hard to bring us electricity.   
The special quality of convenience brought to us by electricity asks of us to use it wisely.  When we conserve energy we lead environment conscious lifestyles that can,  collectively, make an important contribution to improving the health of our planet.  
Eskom's Energy Education Programme offers CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) curriculum aligned content for both  educators and learners.