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​ Welco​me to the Eskom Heritage Website​
 ​Eskom Heritage Unit in the Corporate Affairs Department (CAD) is responsible for protecting and highlighting the organisation’s historical footprint, as well as promoting the conservation of heritage, to enhance pride in the history of the organisation. The unit also ensures that Eskom complies with the National Heritage Resources Act of 1999​.


The Act makes it compulsory for all state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to run a heritage resources preservation programme. As a state-owned enterprise, Eskom has such a preservation programme in accordance with the Act.

Heritage can incorporate both the tangible and the intangible. It is present in many forms such as landmarks, places, buildings and contents, spaces, views and the stories associated with them. The vision is to highlight the importance of Eskom story to South Africa and the world through supply of electricity since 1923. 

Early Years History through the decades​ Annual & Statistical Reports

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Time Capsule: 75 Years Celebration​ Celebrating 90 years Build up to 100 years
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