Website terms and conditions

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Privacy statement

  1. Eskom is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information of its employees, customers, suppliers and any other third parties, herein referred to as the data subjects.
  2. A data subject’s personal information is processed in accordance with the PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ACT, NO. 4 OF 2013 (“POPIA”), and any other law governing such personal information. 
  3. Eskom may collect and process a data subject’s personal information relating to a data subject’s name, race, gender, contact details, statutory information and financial details.
  4. Eskom uses, collects and stores a data subject’s personal information for the purposes of:
    • concluding customer electricity supply contracts
    • communicating with customers and suppliers
    • screening and vetting for recruitment for job applications
    • administering and managing employee personal information
    • evaluating and awarding tenders
    • concluding supply of goods and services contracts. 
  1. Eskom will retain and share a data subject’s personal information within its business units as long as it is necessary to render its operations effectively, and in accordance with applicable laws and policies.
  2. Eskom may share your personal information where necessary with third party operators to effectively operate our business or fulfil our obligations subject to the conclusion of an operator’s agreement ensuring that they take reasonable measures to secure your personal information.
  3. Eskom may de-identify and further process a data subject’s personal information for historical and statistical purposes.
  4. Eskom has implemented reasonable security controls to ensure the protection and confidentiality of a data subject’s personal information in order to prevent the loss or unauthorised access to such information.
  5. Eskom will not disclose a data subject’s personal information to third parties unless where required by any law.
  6. Eskom will not transfer a data subject’s personal information outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa unless prior consent has been granted by the data subject or where permitted in accordance with POPIA.
  7. The data subject will have the right to access, correct, update or delete its personal information. In order to exercise your right you may submit your request on the prescribed form to which can be found on our website in the Eskom PAIA/POPIA Manual.
  8. Eskom’s privacy policy may be updated as and when required to comply with relevant legislation and Eskom’s policies.