Alfred makes your interactions seamless, fast, socially distanced and safe! Eskom wants to minimise queues and delight you as our customer, and thus has launched Alfred the Chatbot. Utilising artificial intelligence to enhance and speed up customer service, Eskom customers can now report a power loss, get a reference number within seconds and get progress feedback on an existing fault – any time of day or night.

Where to find Alfred?

Alfred can be found on Eskom’s main page,  or click here to start chatting to Alfred! You can also click on the Chatbot icon on the top menu

Who is Alfred for?

Currently, if you are an Eskom customer you can chat to Alfred by using your account or meter number.

What will Alfred do?

This Chatbot allows you to log a power interruption in real time and provides you feedback on a previously reported fault. Alfred supplies you with a reference number for your interaction, allowing you to check back later to check up on the progress of your fault.

We have great plans for Alfred, which include added services and the ability to provide better feedback. So keep an eye on this space!
Eskom – helping customers cut queues and get service 24/7. To download Alfred Chatbot brochure click here 

  • Click here to access MyEskom Customer App.
  • Click here to access Eskom’s Customer Service page. 
  • Any technical difficulties with any Eskom digital platforms can be reported to [email protected] 

Alfred wants your meter readings! Make sure your electricity bill is accurate by submitting self-read meter readings to our chatbot! It’s FREE and EASY! Connect with Alfred at

Alfred Chatbot How to videos

How to check your account

How to report fault

How to submit meter reading