Common prepaid meter error codes you can clear yourself

A prepaid meter sometimes loses connection to its counterpart meter “stubby” outside in your yard. Or you may get an error message because your household is drawing too much power. Or you may have accidently tried to load an old token. There are numerous instances where an error message may appear on the console of your meter, but know that often you can clear these errors yourself, without having to call Eskom, get a technician out or to replace the meter.

And here’s how! Save this page or download it for future use. Stick it up near your meter and never be without power due to an error code again.

Error code

What is wrong?

How can you clear this error

….30….,Conn-_FAIL or E07.

Keypad error.

This error indicates a communication connection problem between your keypad and the meter outside your home. Here is what to do. Plug the keypad into the electrical plug closest to the meter and ensure that all the switches are in the “off” position. EXCEPT THE PLUG SWITCH WHERE DEVICE IS PLUGGED, THAT SHOULD BE ON You also need to ensure that the keypad’s batteries are still good and don’t need replacing. they are not re-chargeable. Reset your meter by pressing i or the BLUE or # button, this is needed to ensure the 2 parts of your meter initiate connection again. This action should reset your meter.
Please note, this error is not a technical error and you should never insist a technician comes out for this. This error does not need electricity, so it does not help to take the meter to a neighbours house to test.


Connection wait error.

This error indicates that the keypad is busy connecting to the meter. Please wait up to 30 minutes for the connection to complete.


Token used error.

This error indicates that the token you entered has been used before. Please load a new token or purchase.


Load error.

This error indicates that your meter has been overloaded with too many electrical appliances. Please switch off all appliances for 30 minutes and wait for the meter to reset. Please also consider using less appliances at once as well as upgrading your supply.


Active error.

This error indicates that your meter has not been activated. Please enter the token 55555 to activate the meter.


Initialisation error.

This error indicates that your meter has not been initialised. Please enter the token 1275 4194 1448 6450 5970 to activate the meter.


Your meter has locked out your token from being entered.

This could be because you have exceeded the limit of your current power supply, as a result of using too many appliances. You will not have power while you have this error. You will need to wait for this message to clear. Please use fewer appliances at the same time.

Meter battery is low.

You need to replace your batteries in your meter.

Your meter has a technical problem.

Unfortunately you cannot clear this message, you need to contact Eskom 0860 Eskom.

CIU not paired to any meter.

You need to punch in your meter’s serial number on the meter keypad to pair the meter inside the house with the meter outside the house.


Your token is invalid or has not been authenticated.

Unfortunately you cannot clear this message, you will need to contact Eskom at 08600 eskom.

Videos to help you to clear your prepaid meter errors

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