New and additional power supply

Apply for an electricity connection 
Eskom is strategically committed to connecting both existing and new customers to the national power grid as quickly as possible, thereby helping them to implement their long-term business plans or, in the case of the residential sector, helping households to move into their new homes. 
Residential customers
Business customers
Apply to connect your generator to the electricity network
Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) connection
IPP connection process
New energy technology solutions in South Africa provide customers the opportunity to redefine their role in the electricity value chain.  These solutions include the installation of small generators to generate their own electricity.
Building your own electricity connection
Eskom offers a mix of specially tailored products in support of the long-term growth plans of both existing and new business customers. One of these products allows you to build an electricity connection yourself.
    • A self-build connection project enables you to get connected to the national power grid much faster.
    • Moreover, it allows you to switch on and power your new or expanded business operations much earlier.
Self-build projects are designed for:
    • A customer undertaking one self-build project.
    • A customer undertaking multiple self-build projects at multiple locations and at different times.
    • Multiple customers undertaking one self-build project (as in the case of a development).
Self-build projects
Follow this checklist to ensure that you provide Eskom with the necessary information and the required documentation to expedite and process your self-build connection and distribution infrastructure application.

For all application-related queries kindly submit to the following emails addresses, ensure that your email has the CORRECT SUBJECT HEADING to assist in categorising the query/request and to aid in effectively dealing with your query.

For Applications-related queries, please use # Application as the subject heading.