Residential customers

Apply for an electricity connection or takeover of supply for your home.

Eskom is committed to supplying you with electricity in the shortest time possible. Before you begin the application process, please take note of and familiarise yourself with: 
  1. important advice and information in regard to your connection;
  2. detail and documentation you need to supply to enable Eskom to speedily process your application; and
  3. the six steps of the connection application process.
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Important advice and information in regard to your connection
Consult an electrician for assistance to determine: 
  • how much electricity you need;
  • what time of day you would use most and least electricity; and
  • whether you will be able to schedule your daily electricity use.
This information will assist Eskom to determine your supply size and recommend the best tariff for you.
Please be aware of the fact that costs are payable.
This could include:
  • connection charges (in the case of a new supply or changes to an existing supply); or
  • transfer fees (for take-over of supply).
(Connection charges will vary depending on your supply size and applicable tariff.) 
You have a choice of various residential tariffs depending on the size and phase of supply, including Homelight 20A / 60A / 80A and Homepower 16 kVA /25kVA / 50kVA / 100 kVA. (Homepower and Homelight tariffs included below is based on 2020 tariffs).
Take note:
  • A prepaid meter will be installed.  
  • Applicants for new electricity connections will no longer have the choice of a post-paid account to be settled on presentation of a monthly bill from Eskom.
The above tariffs are inclining block tariffs, which means that energy charges (like water charges) increase above a certain consumption level per month.
Take note:
  • In the case of prepaid supply it is advisable to buy only enough electricity for one month at a time because of the way inclining block tariffs calculate electricity charges.  If you buy prepaid electricity in bulk you will pay a higher charge for energy use over and above 600kWh – see and compare Block 1 and Block 2 under ‘Homepower tariffs’ above.
  • The Homepower tariff has a fixed daily charge that is raised and payable every time you buy electricity: Whenever you buy prepaid electricity, the first amount deducted will be used to pay for your fixed daily charges between the date of your last purchase and the date of your current purchase. The balance of your payment will be used to buy electricity (in terms of the inclining block tariffs explained above). 

What are the benefits of a prepaid meter?
Eskom only uses prepaid meters when connecting new residential customers. A prepaid meter offers the following benefits: 

  • Information on how much electricity you use.
  • The ability to decide when to use less and when to use more.
  • The ability to pay each month for what you use and nothing more (a prepaid meter eliminates the need to do estimates of meter readings).
Moreover, you do not have to pay a deposit when a prepaid meter is installed by Eskom.
Detail and documentation you need to supply to enable Eskom to speedily process your connection application:
  • Contact information (landline, mobile number and e-mail address).
  • Physical address (please supply proof in the form of an account statement no older than three months).
  • Employment status.
  • Next of kin.
  • Bank, type of account, name of account, account number, branch or branch code (if applicable).
  • Meter number (if applicable).

In case you are the home owner:

  • Copy of your ID.
  • Proof of ownwership.
  • Certificate of Compliance (COC).

In case you are a tenant:

As of April 2022 tenants are no-longer allowed to apply.

In case you apply on behalf of a Body Corporate:

  • Certificate of establishment of Body Corporate.
  • Letter of authorisation.
  • Copy of ID of the person authorised.
  • Certificate of Compliance.
Call 08600 37566, e-mail 

The six steps of the connection application process

Step 1
Complete your connection application form.
Email it to – ensure that you get a reference number.
Step 2
Eskom will do the following: 
  • Do a site visit at your home to plan the connection – the Eskom Call Centre will contact you telephonically or via sms to arrange a date and time for the site visit.
  • Select the appropriate line / cable route.
  • Compile a technical design for the connection. 
  • Determine the ideal position for your prepaid meter and customer interface unit (it is usually installed in the kitchen).
  • Calculate the costs of your connection. 

Generally, the above-listed activities will be completed within 30 days of your application.  However, the time required varies and depends on:

  • The scope of work; and
  • Whether a way-leave agreement needs to be concluded under which a property owner gives Eskom the right to install infrastructure through or over his or her property to get an electricity connection to your home.
Call 08600 37566 should you wish to enquire about progress in regard to the above – give the Call Centre your reference number whenever you make an enquiry. 
Step 3
Eskom supplies you with a quote.
The time required to compile a quote varies and depends on the scope of work. Generally, you should receive a quote within 30 days of your application, which is normally valid for 30 days.
Depending on your unique circumstances, the quote will list charges payable and include the following documentation:
  • Letter of acceptance.
  • Eskom supply agreement.
  • Annexure A: Standard conditions of supply.
  • Annexure B: Tariff information.
Ensure that your quote includes copies of Annexures A and B – the terms and conditions in these annexures form an integral part of your electricity supply agreement with Eskom.
  • Call 08600 37566 should you wish to enquire about progress in regard to your quote or, if you have received a quote, need clarity about information in the quote – give the Call Centre your reference number whenever you make an enquiry. 
You have 30 days from the date on the quote to either accept or reject it.
Step 4
If you are happy with everything you need to accept the quote by signing a) the letter of acceptance, b) the electricity supply agreement and c) a copy of the standard conditions of supply (Annexure A) and returning all to the address in the quote. 
Eskom will return the signed agreement to you and issue you with an account number.
  • The connection charge stipulated in your quote is payable upon acceptance of the quote. This charge varies depending on the size and phase of your supply.
  • Payments can be made at First National Bank, EasyPay offices or via EFT (electronic funds transfer) – information about these payment options is provided in the quote.
The quicker you indicate whether you accept the quote, the quicker Eskom can proceed with the construction of the connection.
Step 5
Construction of the connection. 
You can normally expect construction work to be completed within three months from the date of receipt of all your relevant documentation and payments or as specified in the quote. The construction period varies depending on the scope of work and government statutory requirements specific to your supply. 
(The Eskom Call Centre will contact you telephonically or via sms to request access to your property on specific dates and times to do the construction.)
  • Call 08600 37566 to find out when construction will start and be completed – give the Call Centre your reference number whenever you make an enquiry. 
Step 6
Switching on your connection. 
You can expect a courtesy call from Eskom for feedback on and assistance with any outstanding issues after completion of the installation in your home. An Eskom official will be available to assist you during the connection process.
  • Call 08600 37566 to report any problem or difficulties after the connection process – give the Call Centre your reference number.