Eskom bonds

The financing of Eskom’s multi-year funding requirements necessitate issuance of debt in the domestic and international debt capital markets. Domestic bonds are issued under our registered Domestic Multi Term Note (DMTN) programme as guaranteed by the Government of South Africa.

The extent to which international funding would be utilised is subject to the diversification of the funding sources, relative pricing, tenor and available  volume  compared to existing and  other potential sources of funding. Eskom also accessed the international debt capital markets to maintain a presence in these markets and to extend its credit profile.

International bonds

Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd issues US Dollar denominated bonds in the international debt markets through the registered Global Medium-Term Note (GMTN)programme. These bonds are issued periodically as and when the markets are conducive particularly in-terms of price. In 2011 Eskom issued a US$1.75 billion on a standalone basis. Following the registration of the GMTN programme in 2013, Eskom has issued a total of US$2.25 billion bonds in international markets under the programme. The GMTN programme is registered with the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. International bond issuances are facilitated by various banks that are mandated by Eskom.
International bonds listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange: