Just Energy Transition (JET)

Eskom’s Just Energy Transition (JET) Office was established earlier in 2020 and has made significant strides to progress the evolution for transition towards a cleaner and greener energy future. JET’s vision focuses on achieving “Net Zero” carbon emissions by 2050, with an increase in sustainable jobs. Some of  the additional benefits of moving towards lower carbon technologies, is the positive impact on air quality and water usage, the potential to create new exciting jobs, and a greater preservation of biodiversity in South Africa.

Transition’ describes the gradual movement towards lower carbon technologies, while ‘Just’ qualifies that this transition will not negatively impact society, jobs and livelihoods. The Just Energy Transition is important to the country and to our future growth and sustainability as an organisation. 

Re-invigorating, rejuvenating and redefining Eskom’s
destiny as we lead the energy transition into the

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JET factsheet # 2
JET factsheet # 3
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JET factsheet # 5

Doing better for people and the planet

Continued Electricity provision

Transformational change of business models

  • Detailed studies of socio-economic impact of plant shutdown on employees and communities
  • Stimulate local manufacture and job creation, competiveness

  • Emission reductions – air quality and carbon emissions

  • Managing rehabilitation liabilities

  • Customer needs driven

  • Repowering ageing coal fleet
  • Increasing share of renewable energy

  • Increasing share of gas

  • Storage options

  • Grid strengthening

  • Smart grids

  • Electricity access through micro grid options

  • Repurposing ageing coal fleet
  • Future of the Generation business vis-à-vis increasing role of IPPs

  • Separate coal and green business

  • A different Eskom from what we now know – Transmission, Distribution, Generation redefinition

  • Enable private  sector financing, partnerships

  • New revenue streams to contribute to JET