Integrated results

Interim results 2022

We are pleased to present our interim results for the six months ended 30 September 2021.

Interim financial statements (0,98 MB)

Condensed group interim financial statements, including a business performance overview

Interim results presentation (753 kB)

Presented to stakeholders on 15 December 2021

Please direct any queries to:

Media Desk                            (011) 800 3343             [email protected]
Investor Relations                  (011) 800 2775             [email protected]
Company Secretariat             (011) 800 3091             [email protected]

The external auditors are responsible for independently auditing and reporting on the financial statements in conformity with the Statements of South African Auditing Standards.

Financial year ended 31 March 2021 

Integrated report 2021 for the year ended 31 March 2021

Provides an overview of our governance, strategy and performance, both financial and operational. Statistical information is provided for information

Annual financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2021

Consolidated annual financial statements of the Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd group

Sustainability report

Supplements and provides more detailed information on our sustainable development impact than that provided in the integrated report

Results presentation for the year ended 31 March 2021

Presented to stakeholders on 31 August 2021

Integrated results survey

To complete a short survey on the integrated report, please scan the code or click on this link

We want to ensure that our integrated report continues to provide relevant information. We welcome your feedback on ways in which we could improve our report. Please send your suggestions, or any queries, to [email protected]

A limited number of hard copies of the integrated report and annual financial statements are available and may be requested from:
Media Desk                                  (011) 800 3343             [email protected]
Investor Relations                    (011) 800 2775             [email protected]
Company Secretariat             (011) 800 3091             [email protected]

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