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The Eskom Research team has identified that the future of power engineering lies in the wisdom and experience of the engineers, technologists and technicians of today. We have therefore worked to create a sequence of volumes called the Eskom Power Series.

Each volume of the Power Series has been written by teams of specialists and consultants who have been working within the utility environment for many years. This research programme ensures that the series is updated with the most current information and expertise available.

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The Eskom Power Series was conceived in response to one of the most significant concerns facing utilities around the world – the continuing loss of critical technical skills and experience. Each year a growing number of technical experts are leaving the power utility industry, taking with them their knowledge,  experience and expertise acquired over many years. Demand for energy and electricity will substantially increase, forcing all power utilities to prepare for this.

The Eskom Research team has identified that the future of power engineering lies in the wisdom and experience of the engineers, technologists and technicians of today.  We have therefore worked to create a sequence of volumes called the Eskom Power Series. Each volume of the Eskom Power Series has been written by teams of specialists and consultants who have been working within the power utility environment for many years. Eskom has developed a strong research and development programme focused specifically around real and potential power utility issues. This research programme ensures that the series is updated with the most current information and expertise available. The aim of the series is to collate Eskom’s experience, so as to serve as a guide and legacy. The Eskom Power Series serves as a source of reliable, reputable and highly technical information and practices. We anticipate that it will grow according to the needs of the industry, both locally and internationally.

Volume 1: The Planning, Design and Construction of Overhead Power Lines
Cost in South African Rands: R 1 980.00 (Including VAT)

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South Africa has an electrical transmission grid of over 25 000 km of overhead power lines with voltages of 132 kV to 765 kV. The grid has been largely designed and built by the power utility, Eskom. This book embodies the planning philosophies, design principles and construction practices of Eskom. It is the culmination of decades of thought, study, research and the practical experience of many overhead power line engineers and researchers.

Volume 2: The Fundamentals and Practice of Overhead Line Maintenance
Cost in South African Rands: R 865 (Including VAT)

The Fundamentals and Practice of Overhead Line Maintenance focuses on providing the utility maintenance practitioner with comprehensive insight into the philosophy and theory of overhead line maintenance (I32 kV and above), its management and effective application.

Volume 3: The Practical Guide to Outdoor High Voltage Insulators
Cost in South African Rands: R 695 (Including VAT)

This book is a practical guide for utility staff and consulting engineers responsible for the selection, installation and maintenance of insulators for outdoor high voltage lines and substations. Insulator types and their characteristics, electrical, mechanical, materials and environmental considerations, insulator selection, tests and specifications, failures mechanisms, handling and installation practices, lines and substation performance improvement, and pollution mitigation techniques are all dealt with in detail; with emphasis on practical field application.

Volume 4: Inductive Instrument Transformers and Protective Applications
Cost in South African Rands: R 1 980 (Including VAT)

The design and operation of instrument transformers in a power system ensures that the understanding and correct application requirement of the instrument transformers is attained and that the design is within the limits specified by the user, and cost effective. For this purpose a short account of faults and protection relays, which are related to the instrument transformers, together with several protection applications are given and supported with practical examples.

Volume 5: Theory, Design, Maintenance and Life Management of Power Transformers
Cost in South African Rands: R 1 130 (Including VAT)

This volume is a record of the understanding, of power transformers as they are used in the power supply industry. In its compilation every effort has been made to blend knowledge and experience in a readable and easily understandable manner. It is intended to be of use to everyone with responsibilities in the transmission and distribution of electric power.

Volume 6 (Part 1): High Voltage Overhead Power Lines: Theoretical Calculations and Formulae for Conductor Installations
Cost in South African Rands: R 1 225 (Including VAT)

Electrical conductors of overhead power lines are the most important and the most expensive parts of a power line. To the layman it appears simple to suspend the conductors from the towers. In reality, a complex series of processes is required from the original design of the cables, to the initial stringing of the cables on the towers and the final tensioning.

Volume 6 (Part 2): High Voltage Overhead Power Lines: Theoretical Calculations and Formulae for Transmission Line Towers
Cost in South African Rands: R 1 615 (Including VAT)

Volume 6 (Part 2) takes the reader through the philosophy, theory, principles and practices of the design and fabrication of overhead power line structures.

Volume 7: Corona in Transmission Systems: Theory, Design and Performance
Cost in South African Rands: R 2 485 (Including VAT)

The South African high voltage transmission network includes lines that operate at voltages up to 800 kVac and ±533 kVdc. Increasing demand for electric power in South Africa as well as other countries around the world has led to the expansion of power networks and the use of transmission voltages up to 1200 kVac and ±800 kVdc. Corona and related effects play an important role in the electrical design and performance of existing and planned ac and dc transmission lines.

Volume 8: Power Quality in Electrical Power Systems: A Holistic Approach
Cost in South African Rands: R 2 015 (Including VAT)

This book explains the significance of Power Quality (PQ) or Quality of Supply in the context of today’s electricity supply systems. It begins by exploring the history and technical scope of PQ, how it forms a subset of the broader topic of Electromagnetic Compatibility, and how and why it has developed into a distinct technical discipline during the past 20 to 25 years. The theoretical aspects of a given technical component of PQ are introduced in the main body of the book in dedicated chapters; in each case, the experience gained (by Eskom) is then used to illustrate how the principles of PQ are being effectively applied in modern electric networks.

Volume 9: HVDC Power Transmission (Part 1): Basic Principles, Planning and Converter Technology
Cost in South African Rands: R 2 655 (Including VAT)

Since 2000, the installed capacity of HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) systems has grown by some 60 GW world-wide, and represents about 130% of the total capacity up to that time. The reasons for this rapid growth are essentially the controllability of HVDC, its suitability for long distance transmission and a matching for electricity demand for electricity in some countries. There is thus today considerable interest in HVDC and its technical attributes. This book has accordingly been written to support this need, and has been done by collating a comprehensive spectrum of information compiled by eminent experts in HVDC.

Volume 10: Thermodynamics for Students and Practising Engineers
Cost in South African Rands: R 695 (Including VAT)

An understanding of thermodynamics is essential for power plant design and this volume of the Eskom Power Series outlines the key thermodynamic principles. The text includes inter alia, basic concepts and definitions, the first and second laws of thermodynamics, steam and gas plant, compressor and refrigeration plant, entropy, and non-reactive and reactive systems.

Volume 11: Thermal Sciences for Engineers
Cost in South African Rands: R 870 (Including VAT)

Thermal science is a ternary subject that comprises thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Noting that thermodynamics is energy transformation, fluid mechanics is energy transportation, and heat transfer is movement of energy due to temperature differences, it is quite easy to see that in almost all engineering applications these three sciences occur simultaneously. The biggest shortcoming faced by engineers is to treat each subject separately without seeing how they interact.

Volume 12: Basic Engineering Toolbox
Cost in South African Rands: R 425 (Including VAT)

This third book in the Thermodynamics series focuses largely on applications in the field. Typically, when making a decision, sparse information is available to the engineer. In this instance, some engineering judgement is required and, with the aid of proper tools, a decision can be made speedily. To assist in the decision making the author has compiled six apps that the author felt would be applicable to an engineer practising in the power generation environment. These apps include ‘PipeFlow’, ‘Engine’, ‘SteamPlant’, ‘WindAnalyse’, ‘SolarAngles’ and ‘SolarCSPDesign’.

Water Energy and Development
Cost in South African Rands: R 210 (Including VAT)

The Eskom Water, Energy and Development book is a coffee table book which aims to highlight the importance of water in the Southern African region. Through a series of inspirational pictures and quotes, the book aims to educate the reader to the possible uses of water in the power industry and environment. It highlights mankind’s need for water, both for recreation purposes and to sustain life. Additionally, the book describes Eskom’s environmental and water strategy.

Mentorship and Coaching
Cost in South African Rands: R 170 (Including VAT)

The Mentorship and Coaching book has been written as a complete and implementable guide for any individual who would like to embark on the path of developing another person in the form of mentoring and coaching.

Winning with People … Insights for Leaders and Organisations
Cost in South African Rands: R 300 (Including VAT)

 Amongst the greatest challenges in South Africa and Africa as a region is the need to identify, grow, lead and harness local talent and skills. This applies to the private sector, government, SOCs and all other forms of institution and is necessary for African organisations to compete in an increasingly competitive global economy and to enable Africans to benefit from the enormous opportunities for growth on the continent.

Procurement Management:  Key Concepts and Practices
Cost in South African Rands: R 240 (Including VAT)

Over the past 20 years it has become clear that certain macro trends and forces are causing procurement and supply management groups to undergo dramatic changes. As fims rely on fewer suppliers to provide increasing amounts of value across all sorts of business areas, including through product and facility design support, and as the compensation that suppliers receive consumes an increasing amount of corporate revenue, procurement and supply chain management begin to look important.

Forthcoming releases

There are several other books and related products that we are working on and some of them are as follows:

  1. HVDC Power Transmission: Lines Book (Part 2)
  2. High Voltage Overhead Power Lines: Construction Works
  3. Electric Field Flux Calculation Tool
  4. A Vertically Integrated Power Utility
  5. AC Substation Design 
  6. Coal Combustion

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