Corporate Social Investment

Image of Eskom Development Foundation logo


Eskom is not simply committed to keeping the lights on – we are also focused on lighting up the lives of people across South Africa and the Eskom Development Foundation is tasked with implementing Eskom’s corporate social investment strategy. A key component of how we measure our success lies in the value that we add to the lives of South Africans, powering the country’s bright future. The Eskom Development Foundation – a not for profit and wholly owned subsidiary of Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd. – ensures that every Rand spent on CSI is used to good effect.

The Foundation is run according to a guiding principle of sustainability, and supports a broad spectrum of projects in all nine provinces. The programmes that make up the Foundation’s CSI portfolio are run according to the themes of: education, health, environment, enterprise development, food security, rural education infrastructure development, and social and community development.

Over the years, the Foundation’s continued and consistent commitment to touching the lives of the people in the communities where they operate has positioned them as one of the leaders in CSI.