Use electricity smartly

The “Use electricity smartly” campaign aims to empower consumers with the necessary information to reduce their electricity usage during the evening peak period (5 pm to 9 pm).  By rallying together, we can reduce the need for loadshedding.  

Did you know that South African households use the most electricity between 5 pm and 9 pm? Why? We start our evening routine – cooking supper, bath the children and switch on heaters, TV and lights.  So we all need to work together to reduce this electricity peak in the evenings.  Just think of three things.  Start by switching off the biggest energy guzzlers – your geyser; pool pump and air-conditioners – and do your bit to keep the lights on across the country. 

“Use electricity smartly” is a joint national campaign, actively supported by the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE); the Government Communication & Information System (GCIS) and Eskom.

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Electricity easy… 
The ability to switch on a light or an appliance or a device in any room adds a level of household comfort and convenience so quickly we barely think about it anymore. 
Flooding a bedroom with light.  Making a cup of tea.  Preparing supper.  Washing and drying clothes.  Watching television.  Surfing the net.  Taking a hot shower.  Filtering the swimming pool.  Spotlighting the garden.  The list of daily things that gets done in the home by using electricity are endless.