Sustainable development overview

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Eskom has integrated sustainable development issues into decision-making for many years. Given that our sector is long term in nature and that many decisions have implications for decades, it is vital that we take robust and responsible decisions.


Sustainability at Eskom refers to providing affordable energy and related services through the integration and consideration of economic development, environmental quality and social equity into business practices in order to continually improve performance and underpin development.

Eskom sustainable development framework

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Safety, health, environmental and quality

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United Nations Global Compact

The United Nations (UN) Global Compact requests companies to embrace, support and enact nine universal principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards and the environment. Eskom, a signatory to the compact, continues to support the UN Global Compact through its sustainable practices.

RT&D Research Direction Report
It is vital to recognise that electricity/energy-based technology development and innovation is imperative to Eskom’s and the country’s productivity and success. The electricity industry is facing significant challenges associated with the need for greater flexibility, rapid technology advances across the entire value chain and changing business models. Electricity and associated technology development, innovation and leadership must play a profound role in assisting South Africa to grasp the opportunities and manage the threats in the immediate future.
Globally electric utilities are facing challenges like no other time in their history, and South Africa too is no different. Electric utilities are dealing with declining sales and revenues, environmental concerns and rising costs. Balancing social, environmental and economic imperatives relies heavily on technology development and breakthrough to provide a way forward when all other routes appear blocked. The Eskom Research, Testing & Development (RT&D) business unit is dedicated to finding technology solutions that can be applied primarily within the company to ensure it fulfils its mandate to the nation.
Sumaya Nassiep: General Manager (Acting) – Research, Testing and Development