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Eskom Energy Advisory Service - expert advice for optimised productivity 
Our comprehensive approach to energy management provides your business, whether industrial, commercial or agricultural, with strategic guidance on how best to enhance your electricity usage. Our approach is focused on supporting you. We work hand-in-hand to review your current energy strategy and provide guidance that best fits the needs of your business. Eskom Energy Advisory Service offers you expert advice, at no additional cost, and is dedicated to assist your business to grow and remain sustainable. 
To view energy advisory brochure click here and for more on energy smart technology brochures click here.
  Benefits for your business
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       Free expert advice                           Cost-saving energy management          Optimised energy productivity
       from our energy advisors                           solutions                                      for sustainable growth


  How can we help you? 

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Services to optimise your energy use
Reducing your energy consumption by optimising your operating activities not only makes great business sense, but also makes environmental sense. By understanding and analysing your business requirements, the Eskom Energy Advisory Service can optimise your energy use, thereby improving your operating efficiency and saving you time and money. Our services include:
  • Tariff audit analysis
  • Notified Maximum Demand assistance
  • Walk-through energy assessment
  • Load profile audit and optimisation
  • Power quality advice
  • Energy efficiency improvements

When you use energy efficiently in your home, you play a major role in reducing the constraint on the national electricity network and also contribute to minimising the risk of load shedding. The Eskom Use Electricity Smartly initiative provides you with tips on how to decrease your electricity usage during the peak demand periodFind out more>>>