Load profile audit and optimisation

As an Eskom business customer, you benefit from our free load profile audit and optimisation service, which is conducted at your premises. We perform a deep dive to understand your energy needs through the gathering of energy use data. Your advisor will assist you in restructuring or trimming your current energy demand, as well as assessing whether you may require additional capacity in your specific operation. Your Eskom energy advisor will take you through the process of optimising your operations by utilising your energy use data, as well as load management tools and techniques.

Energy use intelligence includes:

By aggregating your business’ energy use intelligence, your advisor will clearly define the potential positive impact of the load profile audit and optimisation service and how the resulting increase in energy productivity can maximise your business’s output.
– Understating your electrical systems and process
– Knowing your energy needs
Recognising areas where energy is used the most and least
– Investigating the cost saving benefits of energy-smart technologies
– Analysing how to reduce your energy investment costs
– Realising that energy costs savings in one area can be invested to boost growth in another area

As an Eskom business customer, you will benefit from a quick turnaround – no need for additional capacity implementation or new point of supply construction. In addition, you can expect increased production without an increased supply, or the need to revert to other forms of energy. Increased electricity capacity leads to increased production and profits. This should result in a saving on your fixed monthly costs. 

Opportunities for load profile optimisation

Regular maintenance and improved system design:

Wear and tear, and lack of maintenance can cause your systems to become inefficient. Your advisor will discuss potential improvements and possible upgrades that can be implemented.

Power factor correction

Adding and managing power factor correction properly can free up capacity for you to use in other areas of your operations.

Load shifting

By switching off unnecessary equipment or processes during certain times of the day or shifting load from peak to off-peak and/or standard periods can help you to free up capacity.

More efficient systems

Installing or retrofitting energy efficient technologies can further assist you to free up additional capacity.