Independent Power Producers Generators

South Africa has a growing need for greater power system capacity. The Department of Minerals and Energy (DMRE), in collaboration with key stakeholders, looked at various options for alleviating the crisis, including increasing and accelerating the participation of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Generators in the energy sector.

The private sector is participating in key initiatives such as the Government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers Procurement Programme (REIPPPP), which focuses on using public-private partnerships with independent power producers to develop sustainable energy facilities.

In June 2021, Minster of Mineral Resources and Energy of South Africa published the proposed amendments to the Electricity Regulation Act, 2006 to enable businesses and individuals to generate up to 100MW of electricity without license from National Electricity Regulator South Africa (NERSA). The private generation capacity of up to 100MW is exempted for a license generation provided that the generator complies with the Distribution and Transmission code and has a point of connection.

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