The processing of berries has been steadily expanding, demonstrating an ever-growing demand for value-added berry products. Berries are highly perishable and have a short shelf life, making post-harvest processing an attractive alternative for taking this product to market in its many and varied forms – from jams to canned products, and individually quick-frozen berries.

We have spent a great deal of effort in understanding the agricultural value chain in all its variety, and our number of energy advisors, who have years of hands-on agricultural experience, can aid you with basic information regarding berry processing, and also assist you with the in-depth planning of your energy management strategy to help you save on your operating expenditure by ensuring your business’ energy use is optimised.
Our berry processing brochures are a great resource to help you understand the various berry processing methods, and also provide an overview of required equipment. It is also essential that you familiarise yourself with all the applicable laws that apply to the producing, processing, manufacturing and storage of berries to ensure that you comply with labelling legislation each step of the way.


Cape Gooseberries

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