About our Energy Advisory Service

The balance between the demand and supply of electricity balance between the demand and supply of the electricity landscape in South Africa is constantly changing, largely in terms of the time of day and seasonal fluctuations.  As a result of this, the electricity network needs to be managed effectively by reducing electricity usage during peak periods.  This not only allows for an increase in electricity usage during standard and off-peak times, which provides opportunity for increased productivity, but could also contribute to a reduction on your overall electricity bill.
Our Energy Advisory Service staff is trained to assist you, through the provision of an energy intelligence counsel, to optimise your energy usage patterns, at the most optimal time. The team of nationwide advisors use various innovative products, all tailored to help you manage your electricity usage effectively as well as increase your business’ efficiency and productivity, at no additional cost to you. For further information view pdf (142 KB).

Key benefits of Energy Advisory Service

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In addition to providing on-site advice, your Eskom advisor will help you to optimise your electricity usage profile.  This will ensure that your business runs more efficiently and effectively.

Should you be a new or existing business owner wanting to expand your business, then your energy advisor can provide you with information on financial assistance in the form of government incentives, grants or tax rebates as well as how to speed-up a new connection, all of which is designed to assist you in starting or growing your business sooner.

Our Energy Offering


The Eskom Energy Advisory Service helps you make the most of your electricity usage. Take control and drive your business forward with our portfolio of cost free services which are designed to optimise your energy consumption and cut down on your monthly utility costs.
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Your energy advisor has a high in-depth industry insights to guide with a range of hassle free energy solutions. From saving on your investment costs and using energy efficient technologies, to sustainable business expansion. Let your energy expertise guide you.
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Are you as an existing or emerging farmer looking for opportunities to start up or expand your activities or add value to your farm production? Your energy advisor can assist you with the most viable agri-processing to best suit the strength of your business.
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