Business expansion

Whether you are looking at reaching an entirely new customer base by diversifying your offering line-up, establishing a global presence, acquiring another business, or expanding into new territories, growth opportunities for business expansion should be carefully considered to ensure that your efforts are truly making an impact on your bottom line.

As the South African economy grows, so does the energy demand. Having a clear energy management strategy when considering business expansion is vital, outlining a clear direction to leverage short-term savings, such as building automation and lighting, as well as long-term paybacks such as renewable energy. Energy efficiency is the preferred solution to combat the rising demand in energy, without sacrificing your operations and output. 

Your energy advisor has in-depth industry knowledge and expertise to assist you with your energy management and equipment requirements, guide you on how to expedite your new connection, and provide solutions for financial assistance via government grants/incentives and tax rebates. Eskom’s Energy Advisory Service can help you grow your business sooner, ensure operational efficiency and assist you in establishing and energy framework to aid future growth opportunities.

Wastewater reclamation as means of business expansion

The supply of water in South Africa is not evenly distributed, and cities with universal water distribution systems get most of their water from surface sources (dams and rivers). The access to fresh water is limited and dam levels are generally low, due to climate change and industrialisation. South Africa will face serious water problems if steps are not taken to preserve our water supplies, reduce water contamination, and regulate the supply and demand. One of these steps is to reclaim wastewater which can be repurposed for alternative uses.

What is wastewater?

Wastewater is used water from any combination of domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural activities, surface runoff or storm water, and any sewer inflow or sewer infiltration. There are numerous processes that can be used to clean wastewater, depending on the type and extent of contamination, such as reverse osmosis, ozonation, ultraviolet disinfection and desalination.

Wastewater uses

Recycled water is generally not used as drinking water but can be utilised for various other purposes such as agriculture, cooling water for oil refineries and power plants, golf course and public park irrigation and construction activities, to name a few. Engaging in wastewater reclamation as a growth opportunity can benefit the rising need for water conservation and provide a much-needed dependable water supply. Our wastewater reclamation fact sheet provides an overview of how to approach water recycling by means of reverse osmosis.

Alternative funding

Eskom promotes various alternative funding solutions to help you reduce your investment costs. Your energy advisor is ready to assist you with selecting the best solution for your new or expanding. Find out more

Energy Advisory Service

Eskom’s expert advisors provide you with free strategic guidance on how to optimse your electricity usage at the most optimal time. Our tailor-made solutions help increase your business’ productivity, and ultimately, your business’ growth. Find out more