Energy technology hub

Eskom continuously develops a library of printable and downloadable energy related content in support of advisory service. Available on this page is content in the form of brochures, factsheets, previously published media releases, and videos that are carefully curated to assist you in managing your energy consumption.

Whether you are running a small manufacturing concern; a large property portfolio; an agricultural business; or any size business, this resource should provide you with a better understanding of your energy needs and tariff, latest energy smart technologies and processes, as well as ways to reduce energy investment costs in your business.

Brochures and factsheets:

HVAC: energy- efficient use and technologies

A variety of HVAC systems are used in commercial buildings. However most have certain components in common such as electrical motors. Click on image to view brochure pdf (4.3 MB)

Commercial lighting

Lighting accounts for substantial portion of the monthly energy consumption and costs of commercial and industrial buildings. Click on image to view brochure pdf (11 MB)

Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

Are typically used for process control and, lately, more specifically for energy conservation. Click on image to view brochure pdf (8 489 Mb)

​ Electric pumps

Pumps frequently operate at efficiency levels significantly below their optimum design levels. Click on image to view brochure pdf (287 MB)

Switching to energy efficient technologies

Switching to energy efficient technologies, products, systems and processes is a sure way to lower your organisation's energy usage, increase. Click on image to view brochure pdf (2.3 MB)

Compressed air

Compressed air is used widely in industry but, it is a very expensive process, and as such efficient utilisation is important. Click on image to view brochure pdf (4 MB)

Commercial properties

With local commercial property sector currently consuming up to 15% of electric Eskom's energy output, commercial properties. Click on image to view brochure pdf (3.6 MB)


At the Eskom Energy Advisory Service, we keep our finger on the pulse to bring you the latest electricity industry news and insights from leading experts in the field. Our Thought Leadership articles not only highlight the latest advances in technology but will also help you to improve the energy management of your business operations. Check back regularly for updated content.