Thought leadership

At the Eskom Energy Advisory Service, we keep our finger on the pulse to bring you the latest electricity industry news and insights from leading experts in the field. Our Thought Leadership articles not only highlight the latest advances in technology but will also help you to improve the energy management of your business operations. Check back regularly for updated content. 

Energy productivity in manufacturing

In a recent paper, Jonathan Jutsen, Chairman of the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity, highlighted how energy productivity is central to the total value created by the energy deployed, not just the increased energy efficiency of equipment utilised. By using energy more productively businesses can make sure they are making the energy supply work for them.  View pdf brochure (95 KB)

The electric vehicle industry

Sales of electric vehicles are on the rise, and demand in SA is expected to grow. But without the necessary supply and distribution infrastructure for green transport fuels in place, consumers will be reluctant to buy green vehicles, while without adequate consumer demand there is little incentive to invest in a local supply and distribution infrastructure.  View pdf brochure (142 KB)

Energy productivity measurements

Alex von Braun in a recent paper, “How to measure energy productivity”, highlighted the importance of new technology that allows for more accurate measurement of energy productivity.  This allows for granular examination of operational integrity, while wireless, self-powered sensors are designed for easy installation and execution. View pdf brochure (135 KB)