Eskom Energy Advisory Service offering

Our expert advisors are available nation-wide to guide and assist with your business’s energy management requirements, at no additional cost to you. Whether you are looking to increase your productivity, need advice on the latest energy efficient technologies, or would like to assess your current tariff, Eskom Energy Advisory Service could help you save costs and grow your operations through optimised energy use.

Our expertise

Eskom advisors specialise in understanding your operational energy needs. Through the gathering of “energy use intelligence”, the Eskom Energy Advisory Service will not only help you maximise your energy productivity but will also advise you on how to manage your energy use. Our approach includes:
  • A walk-through assessment of your premises to determine your current energy usage, and to develop an energy optimisation strategy.
  • An overview of your energy consumption profile that will empower you to make informed decisions about energy management solutions. This will be ongoing framework that your business can use to better understand your consumption, optimise your overall energy use, achieve success and use energy smartly over the long term.
  • Practical advice and guidance on how to grow business by improving your green credentials. This establishes a green growth cycle which employs energy efficiency to ensure you remain competitive in your industry.

Explore free services to optimise your energy productivity:

Tariff audit analysis

Are you sure your existing tariff is the most cost-effective one to sustain your business? Your advisor specialises in analysing your usage data to recommend the correct tariff category for your business needs, free of charge.

Notified Maximum Demand

Are you looking to minimise your post-harvest lossed or extend the shelf-life of your berries? Processing methods can Do you need assistance with avoiding minimising Notified Maximum Demand charges due to excess energy consumption? Your energy advisor specialises in tailoring various cost-saving solutions to optimise your energy usage at no cost to you.reduce your wastage, increase you competitiveness, and simultaneously, expand your business.

​Walk-through energy assessment

Do you need to optimise your energy use and reduce operating costs by eleminating energy waste?

Load profile optimisation

Are you looking to improve your productivity and expand your operations? Our complimentary service will assist you to free up existing electrical capacity without having to invest in new supply points or upgrades in supply.

Power quality service

Are you experiencing a damage or disturbance in your electrical equipment? Your energy advisor can assess your power quality, free of charge, and recommend the best solution to create a disturbance free environment.

Energy efficiency

Have you considered energy saving technologies to increase your profitability and competitiveness?.