Electric transportation

E-mobility is gaining global traction as a preferred mode of transport and for materials handling. Electricity offers multiple electrical solutions for bulk materials handling and transportation, making it a competitive alternative to diesel. Most sectors would therefore benefit from using electrical belt conveyors, hybrid haulage trucks, and electric rail networks, to mention a few.
Electric transportation solutions bring about operating cost savings and improved energy productivity due the energy efficiency of these systems. Benefits include:
Increased flexibility
The ability to carry larger loads
Lower maintenance requirement
No energy storage requirements
Reduced downtime
Zero delays due to traffic
Less harmful greenhouse gas emissions

One of the crucial imperatives facing industry currently is clean energy. With the pressure from environmental groups and legislation, businesses are forced to review their current carbon footprint and source alternative ways to drive their business by increasing their green credentials.  Your energy advisor is equipped to advise you on the various transport options to position your business for change and increase productivity. 

Belt conveyers fact sheet

The advantages of belt conveyors have made them one of the most widely used electrical methods for transporting bulk materials in the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors. Not only do they reduce operating costs, but they also present an efficient and reliable alternative to haulage trucks. View PDF (1.4 MB)>