For lights, consider replacement costs, energy use and the hassle of changing bulbs. 

Halogen incandescent​
77 watts
Halogen gas such as iodine inside the bulb prevents wear on the filament, allowing it to glow brighter.
Traditional incandescent
 100 watts
Electric current heats an incandescent bulb’ tungsten filament until it glows.
Compact Flourescent Lamp (CFL)​ 
23 watts 
Excited gas in a CFL tube emits ultraviolet photons, which coax the bulb’s coating  to emit visible light.
​​Light-emiting Diode (LED)
20 watts 
An LED bulb contains many small semi-conductor units, each emits light when a voltage is applied

Also we have a brochure on energy efficient lighting

Pick the right light they contribute up to 8% of your electricity bill