Enabling growth opportunities through agri-processing

South African farmers facing current economic realities are searching for new options to maintain or expand their businesses. One of the many opportunities to grow markets, turnover and profits is by adding value to farm produce via processing.

The agri-processing sector in SA presents a host of competitive advantages, making it an attractive trading partner and sound investment destination. Not only does agri-processing have great potential for creating sustainable jobs to grow the South African economy, but it also plays a vital role in:
  • Managing post-harvest losses
  • Enhancing the country’s food security
  • Reducing the wastage of perishable fresh produce
  • Extending the shelf life of food products
  • Adding to the commercialisation and diversification of the agricultural sector
  • Promoting the export of processed products.
Whether you are an existing large commercial farmer, or smaller, emerging farmer, Eskom’s Energy Advisory Service specialises in an advice-led approach which is based on sound knowledge, information and experience of how agri-processing can identify opportunities best suited to match the potential and strength of yur farm produce.
Furthermore, your energy advisor is dedicated and ready to assist you, at no additional cost, with crucial energy management information to guide you in the decision-making process for implementing agri-processing as a means to expand your business. We could also propose alternative funding solutions to assist you with reducing the investment needed to start-up or expand your business. Thereafter, we will continue to support you by fulfilling the role of energy advisor as part of the team that you select to drive and manage your operations. 

Eskom Tariffs for the agriculture sector

Eskom has several electricity tariff s, which provide from the largest to the smallest of customer needs across all sectors in the country. The electricity requirements for each farmer are unique in the sense of consumption, demand and usage profile. These unique energy requirements necessitate the selection of the optimum tariff to meet the customer’s needs. Click here.

Electricity costs and shortage of water are forcing farmers to look at what they can do to reduce their consumption. Click here to view “Energy saving in a farm brochure”.

AIS farming Case Study:

Jacobsdal crop farmers Andrew Conroy, Ian Conroy and Steven Squires from AIS Farming undertook a wide-ranging assessement of where they could make their business more efficient and where they could save money. An economist, Squires understood the importance of any investment to pay for itself – and that the bottom line of their business should reap the benefit as soon as possible.  To read further on their case study click here.

Agri-processing solutions

Whether you are looking to process your strawberries into jam, ferment your milk to produce yogurt or Amasi, or to add to your role in the value chain by utilising your livestock to produce meat products, agri-processing offers a range of solutions to help you expand your business.

Berry processing

Are you looking to minimise your post-harvest losses or extend the shelf-life of your berries? Processing methods can reduce your wastage, increase your competitiveness, and simultaneously, expand your business. Find out more>>

Dairy processing

Did you know that dairy processing is one of the most diverse processing solutions due to its health benefits and associated market demand? Add value to your existing agribusiness by exploring this option. Find out more>>

Meat processing

Are you considering expanding your agribusiness from meat producer to meat processor? Your hands-on Eskom energy advisor can assist you, free of charge, with valuable guidance on how to best optimise your energy use. Find out more>>