Vision and Strategy

JET vision:   Nett zero carbon emissions by 2050, with an increase in sustainable jobs

The JET vision and strategy is integrated into Eskom’s long-term plans with a clear set of ambitions that have been defined

As Eskom we have developed the JET strategy as part of our long-term corporate strategy, to assist us to pivot into a sustainable organisation

Eskom Turnaround Plan

  • Strengthen Balance sheet
  • Improve Income statement
  • Build High Performing Culture
  • Improve Operations
  • Drive restructuring


  • Accelerate the repurposing and repowering of stations
  • Actively pursue share in renewable energy allocation in line with IRP
  • Implement an integrated socio economic strategy including reskilling
  • Smart industrial policy can drive manufacturing investment and job creation

Transitioned Utility

  • Pursue net zero carbon emissions by 2050 while factoring in the need to continuously nurture economic growth and create sustainable jobs
  • Ensure effective and equitable access to electricity by modernizing our power system
  • Facilitate competitive energy industry for the future
  • Financially and operationally stable

JET will play as a pivotal role in providing medium to long term strategic direction that enables sustainable growth