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How to contact us for service
Eskom’s customer service contact center consists of 7 Regional sites providing telephonic, fax, email, mail and SMS service channels for customer service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Our Contact Centre sites are interconnected to provide sustained services even during severe call volume periods, such as wide spread outages due to storms. The reason for this is to overflow work to other sites when your local regional site becomes overloaded. This minimizes customer waiting time, as an available agent at a less busy site can answer your call sooner. For example, our Gauteng customer calls are normally answered in our Braamfontein site, but if this site gets very busy, customers' calls may overflow to any one of our other sites, which are located in Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein, Witbank, Polokwane and East London. 
(Note that Eskom bears the cost of this overflow, and customers are not charged extra if their calls are overflowed to a remote site).

All Service Agents use the same system and they have access to all of the information required to assist our customers in all regions. Bear in mind that many place names are duplicated across the country, so please assist us by quoting your Account number, ID Number, or Name (as it appears on your Eskom bill), to assist us in logging your fault correctly. Confirm to the Service Agent the area where you are located, as well as the details of the problem.

Our Contact Centre systems allow you to choose the language in which you would prefer to be served. 

Whenever you make a service request or report a fault, you must be given a reference number. Remember to ask for it if one is not given to you. 

Our Contact Centre also has the facility for self-service. You can query your account balance, report a fault or listen to outage status messages without having to wait to speak to an agent. Note that you will need to enter your Account Number to use certain of these services.

All our Contact Centre sites have voicemail facilities. In the event that waiting times are high (and they sometimes are, due to the high volumes of calls that we receive following unexpected power failures) you can leave a detailed voicemail message containing the all relevant information, and your service request will be logged for you. (Note that we will not call you back if you leave a voicemail message).

Simply call the easy to remember Share Call number 08600ESKOM (0860037566) from your Telkom land line or cellphone, and your call will automatically be routed to one of our Contact Centre sites. 

Calls from a Telkom line are routed based on the Magisterial District from within which you make the call. As far as possible, we have matched South Africa’s Magisterial Districts to our Regional Boundaries, so that you will normally be connected to the Contact Centre site in the Eskom Region serving your area. However, a 100% match of boundaries is not possible, so that a small percentage of our customers will sometimes be routed to a site which is not within their region. However, every one of our Contact Centre sites has the ability to serve any customer, and if the nature of your request is something that the Service Agent cannot answer or resolve immediately, your service request will be routed to the correct region and department for attention. 

Cellphone calls are also routed based on your physical location at the time you make the call. This means that if you call us while travelling in another region, you will be connected to that Region’s Contact Centre. The Telkom system can detect the Telkom dialling code of the area from which your cellphone call is being made, and calls are routed to our sites according to the following table:
Telkom dialing code of the area where 
Cellphone call originates
Routed to Eskom Contact Centre Operating Units
011-, 016- areas Braamfontein Gauteng
 All 012-, 013- and 017-areas Witbank Mpumalanga
All 014- and 015-areas Polokwane Mpumalanga
All 02-areas, 044- and 054-areas Bellville Western Cape
All 03-areas Westville KwaZulu Natal
All 04-areas except 044-areas East London Eastern Cape
All 05-areas except 054-areas, plus 018 Bloemfontein Free State
Please note that calls to our Sharecall number from Telkom landline phones are charged as a local call. Eskom bears any long distance call costs. Calls from Cellphones will be charged at your normal cellphone rates.

If Eskom overflows calls to an alternative site there is no additional cost to the customer.

SMS Services save you time and money. We understand that not everybody likes to use the telephone for service. Three national SMS numbers have been introduced (one per Cellular network) to give you the opportunity to take advantage of lower SMS costs by using your own network to send us an SMS message. 

You can send us an SMS message on the following number:  35328

Please note that this number is for SMS messages only. You cannot call Eskom on this number.

Please note that we are unable to respond if you send us a “Please Call Me” message via SMS.

Please include your 10 digit account number and briefly state your requirements, e.g. "1023456789 account balance", where 1023456789 is your Eskom account number, which you must write as a continuous string of 10 digits. Please also include the following: 

If you do not have your account number, then please include your installation number or meter number with a short description of your query. 

Please provide an alternate contact number, if applicable.

If you use this method to report a power loss, please also include the premise number if you have more than one premise linked to your account. 

The SMS is sent to the correct Regional Contact Centre, based on our system looking up your account number. We will respond with an SMS containing your reference number. When a Service Agent replies, an SMS is sent to the cellphone from which your request was made. If you use someone else’s cell phone, they will receive the replies.

Kindly allow for congestion on the cellphone network and approximately an hour for us to process your request. 

We also send out cellphone SMS messages to keep customers informed of planned outages and of status on repairing faults, and to convey disconnection warnings. 

Please ensure that we have your correct cellphone contact details, so that our messages will reach you.
You can log a service request by visiting the Customer Services area of our Web Site. Visit to register to use this service

Send an email to  (All regions)

Send a fax to 086 243 7566  (All regions)
Write to the postal address printed on your Eskom bill.