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Complaint Handling Process
Definition of complaint:
“Any expression of dissatisfaction by a customer in relation to our service or products”
We aim to resolve all complaints in a fair and reasonable manner.
Eskom contact details
If you have a complaint about any aspect of our service, please contact us on any of the channels below:
Call: 086 00 ESKOM or 086 00 37566
SMS: 35328
Fax: 086 243 7566
Information required
When you contact us about a complaint, please ensure that the nature of your complaint is stated clearly and that you have a valid account number, premise identification, meter number and/or pole number.
Resolving your complaint
Once you have logged your complaint, we record it and try to resolve it immediately, whenever possible, and we provide you with a reference number for future reference.
If we have been unable to resolve your complaint immediately, it should take up to 15 working days to resolve your complaint. Your complaint will be routed to the responsible department, which will undertake the following:
·         Gather all the information needed for a thorough investigation of the facts relating to the complaint, including the customer’s explanation of the situation.
·         Resolve the complaint.
·         Escalate to the next level if it cannot be solved.
·         Inform the customer of the outcome and the reasons leading to the resolution.
·         Once the complaint is resolved, it will be recorded as closed out from our side.