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Troubleshoot your electricity bill


Troubleshoot your electricity bill for complete peace of mind
Stay on top or your energy consumption by familiarising yourself with your household’s usage patterns. This will allow you to manage your bill and any significant increase in your consumption which may affect your monthly electricity bill.


Factors that may influence your electricity bill:


  • Check to see if there are additional charges on your account that month. These could be attributed to call-out fees, meter test fees or increased deposit installments.
  • Your meter-reading may have been under estimated occasionally and an actual meter reading now may increase your electricity bill. This means a billing correction has been made.
  • Should you be on a time-of-use tariff, bear in mind that there will be significant adjustments in your total electricity bill when the tariff changes in each season, from Low Demand (September to May) to High Demand (June to August).
  • Generally, in winter, your household’s usage increases as family members take more hot baths, run heaters and make use of lighting for longer periods of time due to it getting dark earlier.


We all need to pay for what we use

Remember, in order for you and you family to keep enjoying the benefits of electricity, and for us to keep supplying it, we require you, as an Eskom customer, to take responsibility and keep your payments up to date.
Eskom will negotiate a repayment period with you should you have a substantial amount to pay due to meter reading corrections. All legal principles will apply, and the repayment amount will be calculated at the applicable historic tariffs – interest will not be charged.


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