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Eskom's billing system FAQ's

Eskom's Distribution Group has implemented a new billing and customer information system called CC&B (Customer Care & Billing System). The first phase for our billed customers went live in November 2002. The second phase, to incorporate our prepaid customers went live on 8 July 2003.


1. What is CC&B?

CC&B is the software solution from SPL used to manage our customer's electricity accounts and to store and manage customer information such as names, addresses and telephone numbers.


2. What process did Eskom follow when choosing CC&B?

CC&B was chosen as the preferred software product because it best met the specification for a world class billing and customer information package. CC&B has a strong track record and is used in four of the top ten utilities, by revenue, in the world.


3. Who were Eskom's CC&B implementation partners?


  • SPL: Providers of software for the solution

  • ariv

  • ia.kom: Providers of the hardware, maintenance and technical support

  • Accenture: Project management and technology consulting  


4. When was the new system implemented?

Eskom implemented the system for all billed customers in November 2002 and for prepaid customers in April 2003.  


5. What is the impact of the new system be on the Customer bill?

There is very little difference. Some terminology is slightly different and customers now have a new account number.  


6. Will there still be a monthly rental on the bill?

The change to CC&B has not changed any prices or rates. Hence the same rental will be charged as per previous months.  


7. Can a print (copy) of the bill be sent to customers?



8. Will customers be able to gain access to their information from the Internet?

Yes, under Customer Services available on the Eskom Internet site at T he customer types in their account number and password and can view billing information and edit their personal details. 


9. Can a bill be e-mailed or faxed to a Customer on request?

The bill can be faxed and/or e-mailed to the customer.  


10. What terminology changed with the implementation of CC&B?

The CC&B system holds data about our Customers, their Accounts, their Contracts with Eskom, and the place where the service is provided (the electrical installation). This data contains demographic, geographic, and financial information about Eskom's customers and their properties. The following terminology is used in CC&B and will appear on the new bills:  

  •  Person - Name of customer or company

    A Person can be linked to one or more accounts. Without an account, the person cannot receive a bill.  

  •  Account - Account number and Service Agreement

    Accounts are the entities for which bills are created.  

    An Account is always linked to one main person. An account can have one or more service agreements. A service agreement is a contract between Eskom Distribution and the customer. The service agreement contains the terms and conditions controlling how the system calculates charges for the specific service supplied to the customer.

  •  Premise

    The physical location where the service is provided.  

  •  Service Point

    The actual point of service (e.g. meter socket). A service point is always linked to a premise. A service point can be linked to one or more service agreements. 


11. Will CC&B have a positive impact on our Customer Service?

The system provides highly automated processes that will ensure accurate and control focused delivery processes supporting Customer Service.


12. What are the Business benefits of the new system and Performance improvement?

The benefit will be on the flexibility, ease of use, and enhanced control of the system internally. This should reflect in continued accurate bills while the enhanced efficiency and flexibility will be long term benefits flowing indirectly to the customer.