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Understanding my bill

Eskom's electricity bill format
We are proud of our bill format, which contains information and concepts our customers asked for, combined with International Best Practice and South African Best Practice ideas. Our bill format has proved to be a winner with our customers!

What language is the bill in?
Eskom Small Power User (SPU) bills are available in your choice of the 11 South African official languages on request. Due to the complexity of the bill, Large Power User (LPU) bills are only available in English.

How do I get an explanation of my bill?
We call all our new customers when they receive their first bill, and our Service Agents have been trained to answer your questions. Or you can study the information below.

Your Electricity Account made easy...
Eskom customers have expressed the need for an electricity account format that is clear, concise and simple to understand. We have tried to incorporate these needs in a revised single sheet format explained below.

Bill Format Example  :   Page 1   :    Page 2