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Frequently Asked Questions
Click here for specific Questions and Answers about Smart Prepaid Metering: Sandton and Midrand  
Q: Who will own the meter and the customer interface unit (CIU)?
A: Eskom will own the meter and the CIU.
 Q: Who will pay for the new smart prepaid meter?
A: Eskom will be installing the new prepaid meters at no cost to the customers.
 Q: Where can customers buy electricity?
A: Through a range of different vending points including banks, retail shops, smart phones, internet and ATMs
 Q: Where can I find tips on how to save electricity on all my household appliances?
A: For all your energy efficiency tips, log on to:
 Q: Are smart prepaid meters easy to tamper with?
The new smart prepaid meters are expected to reduce energy theft dramatically through built-in smart features like tampering detection. The smart prepaid meters have very sensitive tamper alarms and communicate irregularities directly to Eskom’s revenue protection unit.
 NB: If it is found that you have tampered with your meter, you will be disconnected and will have to pay a fine.
Q: How will Eskom deal with illegal connections?
A: Smart prepaid meters are expected to make illegal connection detection easier. Illegal connections will be removed and Eskom has established a revenue protection unit to respond to illegal connections and enforce penalties accordingly