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We are dedicated to providing you with tailor-made energy solutions. No matter where you are in your business cycle, your energy advisor will assist you to reduce your investment costs, build your green credentials, propose the use of alternative equipment to run your operations, and ultimately, optimise your energy productivity.

Our skilled energy advisors have years of hands-on experience in the industrial, mining, commercial and agricultural sectors, making them experts in their fields. Their services are available to you, at no additional cost, to assist you in reducing your energy use, and in so doing aid your expansion, reduce your business’ operating costs. Eskom Energy Advisory Service is your energy solutions partner for sustainable business growth.

Our energy solutions offering


Eskom promotes various alternative funding solutions to help you reduce your investment costs. Your energy advisor is ready to assist you with selecting the best solution for your new or expanding business.
 Renewable energy
Your energy advisor can offer you practical advice on how to grow your business by improving your green credentials, and Eskom’s Renewable Tariff Programme can help you to deliver on your green energy commitments.
Constructing your own electricity connection has multiple benefits. It will help you get connected to the national power grid faster, enabling you to achieve more with your energy, and grow your business.
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Business expansion
Most business owners want to expand their operations. Your Eskom energy advisor can assist you in making sure that your new venture is geared towards maximum energy productivity, at no additional cost.
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More and more industrial sites are converting their transport methods from conventional to electric. Sustainability, environmental goals and lower cost of ownership make this an attractive energy solution.