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Embedded generation application process

Small-scale embedded generation not only provides you with the opportunity to participate in the South African independent electricity generation market, but also enables you to grow your green credentials by using a renewable energy source. We have streamlined our embedded generation application process to ensure your generator is legally and safely connected to the Eskom grid.
     Cost to be grid-tied

The embedded generation application process starts with your submission form to Eskom to connect your installation to the national grid. We will then issue a quote, outlining the cost for your grid-tied connection.

The connection charges include:
          A quotation fee
          Metering changes
          Any network upgrades that may be required
We will only initiate the work to authorise the connection once the quote has been accepted, the charges paid, and the relevant agreements signed.
Possible agreements to be signed

          A new Eskom electricity supply agreement if the existing agreement is old, if there is a tariff conversion, or changes to the supply.
          Amendments to the electricity supply agreement to activate energy offset, wheeling, or banking.
          A connection and use-of-system agreement stipulating the conditions and obligations for the generator connection.
 Small-scale embedded generation application process
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