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For lights, consider replacement costs, energy use and the hassle of changing bulbs

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Traditional incandescent
 100 watts
Electric current heats an incandescent bulb’ tungsten filament until it glows.
Compact Flourescent Lamp (CFL)​ 
23 watts 
 Excited gas in a CFL tube emits ultraviolet photons, which coax the bulb’s coating  to emit visible light.
​​Light-emiting Diode (LED)
20 watts 
An LED bulb contains many small semi-conductor units, each emits light when a voltage is applied
Halogen incandescent​
77 watts 
Halogen gas such as iodine inside the bulb prevents wear on the filament, allowing it to glow brighter.



Pick the right light – they contribute up to 8% of your electricity bill