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What is energy efficiency?

Simply put, energy efficiency refers to reducing your energy consumption by using less energy to produce the same useful output. Eliminating energy waste significantly reduces your operating costs – it’s a low-risk, high reward investment which is essential for your business’ energy management plan. Energy efficient technologies and solutions encompass a wide range of solutions, from building design and HVAC systems to vehicles and freight transport.


What is energy productivity?

Energy productivity is defined as the ratio of output divided by energy consumption. Energy productivity and energy efficiency are two sides of the same coin. By investing in energy efficient technologies, your output, revenue, profit and sales per unit of energy are maximised, so essentially you are doing more with less.  By monitoring your energy productivity, you not only impact your bottom line, but also help to better manage your energy demand, creating a positive impact on the environment as you become more energy efficient. 

How to create an energy efficient business
Energy efficiency is a valuable commodity to improve risk management, facilitate cost savings and ensure your business remains profitable.  Our energy efficiency and productivity roll-out plan has been designed to assist you in collecting your business’ energy use data to structure and implement an energy management business strategy where the energy you use works harder for you.

Compile an energy management assessment             Build a business case for energy productivity                 Do a walk-through energy use
action plan  View Pdf brochure (3.8MB)>                             View Pdf brochure  (1.2 MB)>                            View Pdf brochure (3.1 MB)>                                      
Create an energy awareness programme                 HVAC: energy-efficient use and technologies                         Switch to energy-efficient technologies
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Be competitive. Establish a green growth cycle            Commercial properties brochure
View Pdf brochure (3.6 MB)>                                         View Pdf brochure (18.4 MB)>