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Power quality advice
This addresses a wide range of different phenomena present within your electrical equipment which can cause system disruption - each of which may have a number of different solutions that can be used to improve the power quality or your equipment.
The general steps associated with investigating many of these problems, involves the interaction between the utility supply system and your facility – a free-of-charge service delivered by our skilled advisors.   The general process also considers whether the issue involves an existing power quality problem, a potential problem that could result from a new design or from proposed changes to the system. 
What is power quality?
This refers to the compatibility between the power from an electric supply and the electrical load/component that is connected to it, as well as the load’s ability to consume the energy it receives.  The efficiency of electrical equipment can be affected by various power quality issues, such as poor power factor, voltage instability and imbalance, and the presence of electrical harmonics. This could result in: 


  An increase in energy usage and costs                An increase in maintenance costs                     Equipment malfunction and failure        


Identify your power quality status
It is critical to assess, protect and improve your power quality, and should be an integral part of your energy management strategy. There are many choices in terms of equipment and manufacturers, depending on your facility needs.  The most expensive solution, is however, not always the right solution to the problem. Both power problems and your business’ energy use needs will be identified and addressed by your energy advisor, ensuring the most accurate assessment.



Expert services to help you optimise your production  




Load profile optimisation
Are you looking to improve your productivity and expand your operations? Our complimentary servise willl assist you to free up existing electrical capacity without having to invest in new supply points or upgrades in supply.




Tariff audit analysis
Are you sure your existing tariff is the most cost-effective one to sustain your business? Your advisor specialises in analysing your usage data to recommend the correct tariff category for your business needs, for free of charge.