Small scale embedded generation – connecting your generator to the grid

Our shift towards more integrated electricity systems and new energy solutions has seen a growing number of consumers generating and distributing their own energy via the installation of small-scale embedded generation (SSEG). Our SSEG programme also responds to the large demand alternative clean energy which can be integrated back into the national grid.

Investing in a generator is a significant financial commitment, be sure to carefully consider the following:​

Compliance to legal and regulatory frameworks, policies, and requirements for small scale embedded generation.
Compliance to Eskom and the South African Bureau of Standards’ (SABS) technical and contractual requirements.
Compliance with Eskom’s safety regulations and policies to ensure the protection of people, animals and equipment.​
Generator licensing & registration: In accordance with the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA), all generators either require licensing and registration, or are exempted from registration.
Generator network configurations: Our range of network configurations cater for off-grid systems as well as grid-tied connections, assisting you in exporting your power into the national grid.

Embedded generation tariff charges: We have a selection of tariff charges that are applicable depending on your type of small-scale embedded installation, whether you are exporting energy into the grid or not.

Application process: Our trained consultants are ready to assist you with your small-scale embedded generation application, making sure your generator is safely and legally connected.

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