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Volume 9: HVDC Power Transmission (Part 1): Basic Principles, Planning and Converter Technology






Since 2000, the installed capacity of HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) systems has grown by some 60 GW world-wide, and represents about 130% of the total capacity up to that time. The reasons for this rapid growth are essentially the controllability of HVDC, its suitability for long distance transmission and a matching for electricity demand for electricity in some countries. There is thus today considerable interest in HVDC and its technical attributes. This book has accordingly been written to support this need, and has been done by collating a comprehensive spectrum of information compiled by eminent experts in HVDC.   

This is the first of two volumes: it deals with the theory and principles of HVDC transmission, how it compares technically with HVAC (high voltage alternating current) transmission, the state of its technology, the economics of HVDC and HVAC, and how its environmental impact should be managed so that the requirements of funding bodies, such as the World Bank, are met. In this volume, the basic principles of HVDC are explained, with the emphasis on the predominant technology, namely, line commutated converters. Also covered are: planning, environmental impact, costs, performance targets, and engineering principles and practice, on one side, and on the other, technically complex issues associated with control philosophies, harmonic limitation and the principles of the new voltage source converter technology.

It is the blending of theory and engineering practice which make this volume especially useful to the planning engineer, research engineer, practising engineer and academic, whilst the information in Chapters 1 (Scope), 2 (Technology overview) and 7 (Environmental impact) will be helpful to corporate policy analysts and decision-makers, and others who require a high-level, strategic introduction to the subject.   


Description Full colour hardcover book​
ISBN No. 978-0-992-17810-9
Pages 832
Weight ​2.82 kg
Dimension 260 mm x 210 mm x 50 mm

Volume 9 (Part 2) will deal with HVDC Transmisson lines.

Cost in South African Rands: 2 655 (Including VAT)

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