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Eskom Development Foundation NPC
Eskom is not only about power stations and pylons, at the heart of what Eskom does,  is it's people. As South Africa’s primary power producer Eskom is committed to keeping the lights on in homes, schools, hospitals and businesses across the country.
At its core Eskom aims to add real values to the lives of South Africans. By driving sustainable growth and development Eskom is doing just that. Another way that Eskom contributes to improving the lives of the communities in which it operates is through the Eskom Development Foundation.

Eskom bags prestigious Sunday Times Top Brands Award

This year Eskom took home a prestigious Sunday Times Top Brands Award. Eskom was awarded second place in the “Done most for community upliftment” category.  

Kholwa Sign Master’s Success Story

Eskom rewards outstanding small business at Business Investment Competition

Overall winner of the BIC Awards 2014 was
Regal Manufacturing
In September 2014 the Eskom Business Investment Competition Awards saw a selection of top businesses in the agriculture, manufacturing and trade and services sector awarded for their outstanding work in the SMME sector.   


Entrepreneurs flood BEFE

Hundreds of businesses and potential business owners attend the event every year
The 21st annual Business Entrepreneurship and Franchise Expo (BEFE), staged in Johannesburg from 10 to 13 September, attracted over 10,000 aspiring and established entrepreneurs, as well as students and delegates from countries across Africa, to discover a range of business opportunities and services available to them.