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Ethical Business Conduct

The Eskom way

Eskom is committed to the highest standard of ethical conduct in all its actions and decisions. Ethics in Eskom is about accomplishing preferred ethical behaviours by living the Eskom values through its Code of Ethics, complying with laws and regulations, and taking into account the interests of all stakeholders in its actions and decisions. Eskom's processes and practices are based on good corporate governance practices, which are underpinned by the ethical values of responsibility, accountability, fairness and transparency.

Eskom has established an ethics office within its Corporate Governance Department to maintain an ethics programme within the Eskom, which promotes ethical behaviour within the workplace through the development and implementation of ethical standards, rules and frameworks for the organisation, and by providing an ethics advisory service (helpline), as well as ethics training to employees and directors. Eskom's programme is also externally focussed, encouraging anyone acting on behalf of Eskom or conducting business with Eskom to commit to the highest standard of ethical conduct in all actions and decisions.

For any advice on ethical issues, please contact the ethics office on:

011 800 3187/3189/2791 or via

Eskom is committed to combating unethical behaviour, crime and irregularities, therefore encouraging anybody who is aware of such behaviour, whether employee, supplier or any other stakeholder, to report these through Eskom's confidential, whistle-blowing/Hot line: 0800-11-27-22

In accordance with the recommendation in King III to communicate the company's Code of Ethics to internal and relevant external stakeholders, Eskom's Code of Ethics, The Way, (EST 32-527) is available here.

'The Way', Eskom's Code of Ethics, reflects Eskom's commitment to the highest ethical standards and principles in all Eskom business. Our Code not only describes the acceptable behaviour and attitudes that are essential in living the Eskom values of Integrity, Excellence, Customer Satisfaction and Innovation, but it also establishes the foundation for the interaction of Eskom's Board of Directors and employees with colleagues, customer, suppliers, shareholders, the environment, the public and other stakeholders.

Click here to view Eskom's Code of Ethics brochure

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The Supplementary Code Procedure is available upon request. Please contact the ethics office.