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Eskom commits to engaging with Pimville communities
Wednesday, April 19 2017: Eskom has taken note of the media report in the Soweto Urban newspaper as it relates to the action of chasing away and harassing Eskom staff who are employed to do their job. The incident is unfortunate and regrettable.  Essentially, it is worth mentioning that we have had success on split metering project, where we have covered over a third of Soweto customers. The Pimville incident is therefore an isolated occurrence.
Once more, as Eskom we would like to extend our appreciation and continual community support that we have received thus far. Eskom would like to remind the community of the benefits of this spilt metering program which includes amongst others:
·         Improved safety (i.e reduced fatalities, reduced injuries),
·         Better credit control which is inclusive of no more huge debts for customers, customers use what they can afford,  and no more disconnections for non-payment,
·         Better quality of supply  as it relates to reduced power outages due to upgrades to the network, reduced overloading transformers causing unplanned outages, safe, reliable and stable electricity supply and automatic detection of network faults
Eskom values the relationship it has built and continues to maintain with its customers and stakeholders.  These relationships are established through various engagements with customers and communities within which it operates. Eskom also maintains a good relationship with all elected public representatives together with their committees.
It is with the same approach that Eskom engaged residents of Pimville, Soweto on April 08 2017 regarding the rollout of the split metering project in the area.  The public meeting follows one between Eskom and a team of community members representing residents of the area, who requested that the utility avails itself to address the community on the split metering project.  Eskom honoured the invite on the said date and the ward councillor was informed of this.
Eskom remains committed to engaging further with all the concerned parties for the betterment of our customers and service delivery. The residents of Pimville are encouraged to engage with Eskom so that all their concerns are addressed.
Eskom would like to urge communities to reduce their consumption especially where the system has not been installed and converted as high usage leads to frequent power interruptions. We also want to urge customers to pay for what they use. It is also very critical that communities support our efforts of the infrastructure upgrade to ensure that we can accelerate roll out of split metering project.