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Electricity tips

Electricity is a great power source to make our daily lives better.

Without it, we could not turn on our computers or light up our homes. And it is usually very safe. But if it is not used properly, electricity can be dangerous - it can even kill you! Click on the tips below to find out more about electricity and safety.

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Conserving electricity

Detailed Explanation on how to conserve energy

How To Change A Light Bulb

Identify the bulb-type that needs to be changed. Check whether it is a screw-in or bayonet type, and whether you have a new one in stock.

Power Failures

Electricity is extremely helpful in our everyday lives - but sometimes it can go wrong and you are left with a power failure.

Safety Around the Home

Electricity surrounds us - shaping the universe in which we live and driving modern society of which we are a part. It permeates the physical world completely.

Shock from Appliances

How to Deal With Electrical Shocks from Appliances

Wiring a Plug

Step by Step guide on how to wire a plug