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Shock from Appliances

How to Deal With Electrical Shocks from Appliances

  1. The first thing to do is to switch off the electricity at the mains (everybody in the house should know where the main switchboard is).

  2. Hands must then be covered with dry rubber gloves or several layers of dry newspaper. There is great danger that the person helping the victim could also get a shock if he / she touches the victim's body before the plug has been switched off.

  3. If possible, switch off the electricity at the wall plug where the appliance causing the shock is plugged in, and unplug it.

  4. If the victim is in contact with the appliance causing the shock, he / she must be removed as quickly as possible.

  5. Pull the victim into the clear by getting hold of his / her dry loose clothing. You can also push the victim away by using a broomstick or a chair. Make sure that the broomstick is dry and that you are not touching any metal parts.

  6. Get someone to call a doctor or Ambulance Service immediately. If this is not possible, start giving first aid as follows:

    1. If the victim's breathing has stopped or is not normal, apply mouth-to-mouth breathing and massage the heart immediately.

    2. Treat any injuries that may have been caused by the victim falling. Do not smear ointment on any burn. Protect the burns from the air with sterilised bandages.

  7. Get any electrical accident victim to a hospital or doctor as soon as possible even if they say they are OK.  

    When an electrical shock occurs ... immediately switch off the mains switch on the distribution board or electricity dispenser (everybody in the house should know where the main switchboard is).

    Use a non-conductive object, like a broomstick or a newspaper, to move the victim away from the electricity source.

    Help to regulate the victim's breathing.

    Call an ambulance if necessary.