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Volume 8: Power Quality In Electrical Power Systems. A Holistic Approach













This book explains the significance of Power Quality (PQ) or Quality of Supply in the context of today’s electricity supply systems. It begins by exploring the history and technical scope of PQ, how it forms a subset of the broader topic of Electromagnetic Compatibility, and how and why it has developed into a distinct technical discipline during the past 20 to 25 years. The theoretical aspects of a given technical component of PQ are introduced in the main body of the book in dedicated chapters; in each case, the experience gained (by Eskom) is then used to illustrate how the principles of PQ are being effectively applied in modern electric networks.   
The book encapsulates the knowledge and unique insights gained by Eskom over the years during the implementation of a comprehensive PQ measurement survey. The objectives of the survey were firstly, to determine the levels of PQ being attained, and secondly, to establish how the results could be used to set realistic design and performance criteria for each component of PQ. Key drivers in the evolvement of PQ into a discipline include the increased sensitivity of customer equipment to deleterious electrical effects, the need for operational efficiency, the move to privatise utilities, and increasingly tight regulatory requirements in many countries.
The formal integration of PQ by means of the standardisation of limits for voltage fluctuations (which comprise primarily voltage surges, voltage regulation, dips, notches, flicker, harmonics, unbalance) and frequency control as the key components of PQ, has greatly helped to consolidate PQ as a stand-alone discipline in today’s power utility. By elaborating on the foregoing aspects, this book will thus be useful to a diverse spectrum of persons, including specialist practitioners, grid planners, consultants, academics, power utility managers and regulatory authorities.​   


Description Full colour hardcover book​
ISBN No. 978-0-9921781-2-3
Pages 667
Weight ​2.2 kg
Dimension 260 mm x 210 mm x 42 mm

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