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Volume 4: Inductive Instrument Transformers and Protective Applications


The design and operation of instrument transformers in a power system ensures that the understanding and correct application requirement of the instrument transformers is attained and that the design is within the limits specified by the user, and is cost effective. For this purpose a short account of faults and protection relays, which are related to the instrument transformers, together with several protection applications are given and supported with practical examples.

Starting at a very basic level, the arguments are expanded to provide sound knowledge for the beginner and a refresher to those who are more familiar with the topics. Examples of instrument transformer design, together with the means to establish their thermal stability, are included in the text. Extensive appendices describe particular arguments or formulae used in the text to keep the text fluid.

This book is essential for the engineer responsible for placing and adjudicating orders, and running power system protection and maintenance. For this purpose, the information required by manufacturers is included. The detailed mathematical modelling of both instrument transformers and protective systems is comprehensively illustrated with pertinent numerical examples to ensure that the application of the modelling is clearly understandable.​


Description Full colour hardcover book​
ISBN No. 0-620-37865-4
Pages 860
Weight ​2.77 kg
Dimension 260 mm x 210 mm x 56 mm

Cost in South African Rands: R 1 980 (Including VAT)    

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