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Volume 5: Theory, Design, Maintenance and Life Management of Power Transformers






This volume is a record of the understanding, of power transformers as they are used in the power supply industry. In its compilation every effort has been made to blend knowledge and experience, in a readable and easily understandable manner. It is intended to be of use to everyone with responsibilities in the transmission and distribution of electric power. The book opens with a chapter on the impact that market forces are having on the operation and maintenance of transformers. It goes on to address fundamental transformer principles, specification, design and construction. The important aspects of understanding how a transformer and its environment interact and the measures that must be taken to preserve both, are explained. Insulation co-ordination and protection are thoroughly discussed. Every aspect of transformer life, starting with factory testing, through commissioning and condition monitoring to the extension of its life are comprehensively addressed. The final chapter has a specific focus on pole-mounted distribution transformers.    
While this book was written on the basis of experience in Eskom, every effort has been made to extract general principles, relevant to any utility. Specific Eskom practices have been used as examples to illustrate the principles.    
Each chapter is largely stand alone and can be used without having read the rest of the book. Where necessary, references have been made to relevant material in other chapters. This book is an invaluable resource for technical specialists, system operators, maintenance staff and managers.​   
Full colour hardcover book​
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