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Volume 7 Corona in Transmission Systems: Theory, Design and Performance







The South African high voltage transmission network includes lines that operate at voltages up to 800 kVac and ±533 kVdc. Increasing demand for electric power in South Africa as well as other countries around the world has led to the expansion of power networks and the use of transmission voltages up to 1200 kVac and ±800 kVdc. Corona and related effects play an important role in the electrical design and performance of existing and planned ac and dc transmission lines.
This is a comprehensive reference book on the corona design and performance considerations of high voltage ac, dc and hybrid ac/dc transmission lines. While corona losses may have an impact on the economic choice of conductors, radio interference and audible noise are the principal environmental consequences of corona on ac and dc line conductors. In some cases the radio interference, because of its influence on power line carrier performance, can be an additional factor. The corona-generated space charge environment is also an important design consideration in the case of dc and hybrid ac/dc transmission lines.   
Treatment of the physical, analytical and experimental aspects of corona performance of ac and dc transmission lines is presented in this book. Example calculations are included throughout in order to provide a better understanding of the analytical techniques presented and of the orders of magnitudes involved. Explanatory photographs, diagrams, tables and graphs complement the text. Development of criteria and methodologies for the corona design of ac and dc transmission lines and their application to typical cases are also described.
This book is a valuable resource for transmission line design engineers and for those involved in carrying out corona research studies as well as for developing university undergraduate and graduate courses.​​
Description Full colour hardcover book​
ISBN No. 978-0-620-49388-8
Pages 527
Weight ​1.74 kg
Dimension 260 mm x 210 mm x 37 mm

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