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Public safety during Lockdown

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Preventing electrical shocks


Working from home


Electrical fires in the home


Water conducts electricity



Impact of prolonged heavy rains on coal fired power stations

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Infographics: Use electricity smartly

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Holiday savings tips
Keeping cozy



How Eskom generates electricity



Infographics for Loadshedding

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Balancing Supply and Demand
About Loadshedding​
The Loadshedding process

​Understanding Loadshedding stages


​Finding your loadshedding schedule


Fact Sheet - Timers
Typical electricity usage per appliance for a hour
What should I do during Loadshedding?
Keeping you updated on Loadshedding
Fact Sheet - pumped storage

Power outage or Loadshedding


 Loadshedding Checklist​

​ ​